Be the first to know when a service is misbehaving

Tentacle is a hosted and fully managed monitoring system that allows you to create your own tests. You control what to test, how to test it, and which data points to extract during the test.

Load a piece of code (or a ready-made test) into Tentacle to spawn an agent. The agent will keep track of settings and state and ensure that the test runs at the desired interval. Data collected by the agent will be available for viewing in the control panel, or for analysis and custom visualization via the Streaming API.

http.get('http://...').then((resp) => {
    return resp.json()
}).then((data) => {
    if (data.temperature < 50 && data.humidity < 0.8) {
        task.ok("Planet still habitable.");
    } else {"Time to move!")
}).catch((err) => {

Verify that your services are up and returning correct data

Beyond ordinary tasks like website uptime monitoring and API output verification, use Tentacle to:

  • Perform multiple requests in a single test (API transactions, request chains etc).
  • Output verification using dynamic variables (IDs extracted from previous requests, timestamps etc).
  • Test connection-oriented services (and custom application and transport layer protocols) like WebSocket-servers.
  • And more ...

Extract and inspect relevant data

Every service is unique. Programmable tests allow you to select data points that are relevant for your application. Be in control of your extracted data:

  • Get instant overview in the control panel (response data, response times, incidents, and more).
  • Connect to the Streaming API and build your own custom dashboards or process data as it becomes available.'ws://...').then((conn) => {
    return conn.receive();
}).then((data) => {
    var report = {
        altitude: data.sensors.altitude,
        pressure: data.sensors.pressure
    if (report.altitude < 5000) {
   } else {;

Ready-made tests

Instantly deploy tests for common services such as websites.

Reuse tests on multiple targets

Customize and store tests as templates for reuse and effortless deployment.

Uninterrupted monitoring

Tentacle performs tests using servers distributed over multiple geographic locations.


Tentacle notifies your team when tests fail. Control alerts with Alert groups.

A second opinion

Configure how many times a test must fail before alerting.

Custom interval

Perform tests as often as every 30 seconds when on premium plans.

Streaming API

Create custom interfaces using Tentacles streaming API.


Install Tentacle inside your data center.