What Tentacle is

Tentacle is a cloud-based service that monitors other internet-connected services. The primary use case is error detection, but it can also be used to pull data from external services or automate tasks.

A service is monitored by an Agent that runs a Test on a fixed Interval. Tests are chosen from a list of ready-to-use tests or written specifically to test the intended service. Tentacle alerts you — or someone on your team — when an Agent detects a problem. Who to alert is determined by which Alert group was selected for the Agent.

How Tentacle is different

Tentacle was born out of the need to test services that could not be tested with existing solutions. The unique selling point of Tentacle is the ability to create custom tests.


Custom tests

Tentacle comes with a set of ready-to-use tests, but you can write your own tests (currently in JavaScript) that meet your specific needs.

Configurable intervals

You can select how often you want your agent to perform a specific test. The minimum interval is determined by your plan.

Second opinion

Tentacle will not raise the alarm until two different locations have confirmed a problem.

Streaming API

Create unique interfaces to your tests using the Streaming API.